What Is an Overdenture?

Posted by Streamside Dental on Dec 1 2021, 06:58 PM

What Is an Overdenture?

Tooth loss can occur due to several reasons like old age, trauma, decay, or gum disease. The loss of natural teeth affects both your looks and your oral functions (chewing and speaking). 

Dentures can solve this problem. However, conventional dentures are held in place with adhesives and may fall or slip out of place. Overdentures, on the other hand, are fixed in place. 

Keep reading to learn more about overdentures and contact Dr. Dorothy Distelhorst at Streamside Dental located in Vail, Colorado, for more tooth loss solutions.

What Are Overdentures?

An overdenture is a set of artificial teeth that replaces lost natural teeth. It also stimulates the jawbone to prevent bone loss and facial sagging. Overdentures rest on and are supported by:

  • Remaining teeth, if any
  • Tooth roots
  • Dental implants

Benefits of Overdentures

  • Below are a few of the reasons overdentures may be a suitable choice for you:
  • Overdentures provide superior efficiency in terms of biting force and mastication.
  • Overdentures have a success rate of 79% compared to the 56% of conventional dentures.
  • Overdentures are a permanent solution for tooth loss.
  • Overdentures provide a natural appearance with no risk of dislocation.

Overdenture Implant Procedure

If the overdenture cannot be supported by your natural teeth, you will require dental implants. The procedure for getting implants includes the following steps:

Consultation With Your Dentist 

Your dentist will take X-rays and impressions for your customized overdentures.


You will be administered a local anesthetic and then the titanium implants will be inserted into the jaw bone. 

Healing Period

Osseointegration or the healing phase takes about three to six months.

Healing Cap

This cap is placed on top of the implant to protect it. 


Impressions of your teeth will be used to fabricate the overdentures.


The overdenture is fixed in place and post-care instructions are provided.

Maintenance of Overdentures

You must clean your overdentures every day to prevent bacterial infections as they can lead to changes in how the prosthetic teeth fit, bone loss, and chronic infections.

Standard Denture vs. Overdenture 

Standard dentures, although inexpensive, are prone to changes in fit due to bone deterioration and/or resorption and can slip out of place.

Overdentures are more costly, but a worthy investment as they provide a permanent solution for tooth loss and have no risk of slipping or falling out. 

If you want to know more about overdentures, schedule an appointment with Dr. Dorothy Distelhorst at Streamside Dental by calling (970) 479-0408 or visiting us at 4592 Streamside Cir E, Vail, Colorado 81657.

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