Do You Need to Brush Your Tongue?

Posted by Streamside Dental on Feb 14 2022, 06:41 AM

Do You Need to Brush Your Tongue?

Have you ever heard a dentist specifically saying how important it is to brush your tongue as well? Now the softer ridges in the tongue are easily the best place for bacteria to grow, and they could quickly transfer from the tongue to the teeth.

Why Brush the Tongue?

The best way to avert this is to brush your tongue while brushing your teeth. Our tongue has 10,000  taste receptors, which allow us to savor the food we consume every day. These receptors not only help in knowing the taste but also provides a breeding ground for bacteria as well.

The bacteria that remain in our tongues are the root cause of many dental problems that we are unaware of.

What Are the Effects of Not Brushing Your Tongue?

  • Bad Breath

We all know that bacteria is the underlying source of many dental problems. One of the most common conditions is having bad breath, though other medical conditions can also cause it. Having a clean mouth can help in more ways than one.

  • Loss of Taste Sensation

How do you feel when you can't taste your favorite breakfast precisely the way you like it? The best you could do to avoid this is to clean your tongue properly. Because when you fail to do so, the bacterial remains in your tongue can cause changes in your taste bud.

  • Hairy Black Tongue

That would sound scary and gross, but this condition is real, even though it is mostly a harmless and temporary oral condition. But the distinctive dark and furry appearance are not appealing to you or the people around you.

  • Gum Disease

If you get gum diseases, even after brushing twice a day and following a dental routine, then the problem is that you are not cleaning your tongue. The even coat of bacteria can transfer from tongue to teeth and cause fatal gum diseases if left untreated.

How to Brush Your Tongue

So when it comes to having good dental health, it is vital that you gently brush your tongue to remove the food residue that can later give rise to bacteria. You can use a soft bristle brush and gently sweep through the front to either side of the tongue. Using a tongue scraper is also as effective as brushing.

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