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Crowns and Bridges in Vail, CO

Crowns and Bridges Vail, CO

A crown is a tooth covering that is used to restore a tooth’s function and appearance, used by Dr. Dorothy Distelhorst to effectively restore patients’ teeth. A crown is tinted to match the surrounding teeth and may be used for a variety of purposes, including extensive fillings, root canals, and dental implants.

When to See a Dentist for Crowns in Vail, CO:

  • Broken or worn teeth should be fitted by a dentist for crowns.
  • Teeth with large fillings should be looked at by your dentist. A crown can bolster the remaining tooth structure.
  • If you are getting a dental bridge from your dentist, a crown may be used for support.
  • You may see your dentist for crowns to cover discolored or misshapen teeth.
  • If you are getting a root canal by your dentist, a crown will be placed with it.
  • When getting a dental implant placed by your dentist, a crown is used to replicate the function and appearance of a natural tooth.
Crowns and Bridges Vail, CO
What to Expect When Seeing a Dentist for Crowns in Vail, CO:
When seeing a dentist for crowns, the tooth is prepared and reshaped to allow enough space for the crown to be fit over the remaining tooth structure by your dentist. A crown will be designed from an impression of the tooth taken by the dentist. For crowns, a permanent crown will take 3 weeks to fabricate before it is sent to the dentist. A crown created in the office is placed in the interim by your dentist. For crowns, there is no special care required after the final fitting.

Seeing a Dentist for Crowns and Bridges
A bridge is basically several crowns that have been attached together and are used to span the space left by missing teeth. A visit to the dentist for bridges is quite similar to a visit to the dentist for crowns. Once a bridge is custom fabricated by the dentist, a crown at each end of the bridge is used as an anchor.

Dr. Dorothy Distelhorst, located in Vail, CO, is a Dentist who services patients from Avon, CO, Minturn, CO, and Edwards, CO. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our office and encourage you to schedule your appointment today!

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Dr. Dorothy Distelhorst, Vail Colorado dentist, specializes in gum disease treatment, dental implants, and laser gum surgery.

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